Welcome to our home on the web!
My name is Luella Thomsen, and I'm happy
to have you visit me and my beloved Shelties here.
Cinder Glo Shetland Sheepdogs has been a labor of love
here in Stilwell Oklahoma for over fifty years.
All of my dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC)
and unless otherwise noted, my Champions have earned 
that title (Ch) by winning at AKC dog shows.
My dogs are a part of my family, and I have been privileged,
over these past many years to share them with families
throughout the United States and Canada.
Many of these families have come back to me several times
over the years for a new puppy 
to raise and enjoy as a show dog, therapy dog,
service dog, working dog, and above all,
cherished companion.
Many have sent their friends and relatives to me, as well.
Whether you're new to Cinder Glo, or an old friend,
I'm glad you found us here.
Enjoy your visit, and feel free to call 
if I can help you find your next Sheltie family member.

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